Venue of Projection is a conceptual project that interrogates the reflexivity between architecture and architectural projection. It revels in the reciprocity between the ways in which projective media depict the city and the ways in which the city accommodates projective depictions of itself. The building is simultaneously a work of urban architecture that derives from a complex network of overlapping projective geometries and a venue that disseminates experimental projections of the city. In both cases, projective geometries are graphic, cinematic, and/or mathematical. The site of the project an infill lot in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan. The northern side of the lot faces north and into a typically dense block of the area. The southern side of the lot faces south and into an open. The site, thereby, accommodates two extremes in terms of natural light. The project takes advantage of northern enclosure and southern exposures, as well as projected artificial light, in order to destabilize relationships between building/site, interior/exterior, and literalness/abstraction. This project is a complement to What is Cinema?, which examines the same issues through precedent analysis. Venue of Projection will be completed in Spring 2013. Drawings, videos, and images coming soon.
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