City of Seams is a collaboration between Ciotat Studio and Jonathan F. Bell. It was shortlisted as a finalist in a 2007 international competition for the redevelopment of central Reykjavik, Iceland, and Ciotat Studio ® and Jonathan F. Bell were invited to participate in a paid final round of the competiton. Þingvellir, the first significant work of architecture in Iceland, inspires this project. Stretching along the Reykjanes Ridge (the American-Eurasian Continental Rift), Þingvellir is a geological seam that accommodated the world’s first parliament in 800 A.D. It was an act of occupation, not construction. At Lögberg (Law Rock), issues were debated and rulings were pronounced above a vast plain, in front of a giant shear in the landscape. At Þingvellir, citizens of Iceland beheld the eternal power of the earth and the ephemeral strength of their community. Architecture and urbanism today are rarely that dramatic or effective. City of Seams translates the power of that geological rift into the urban realm. Urban seams are inherent discontinuities and juxtapositions found in every city. In the nineteenth century, Haussmannian planners erased the rich heterogeneity of the city through the homogenization of the street facade. In the twentieth century, Modern planners scarred the city through a disregard of context. This project rejects both the seamlessness of classic boulevards and the severity of urban renewal. City of Seams indulges the heterogeneity of urban life, both socially and formally. Full PDF of project details and texts of lectures on it are available upon request. More images coming soon.

The project has been exhibited in Vatnsmýri / 102 Reykjavik, Reykjavik Art Museum, May 2008; Reykjavik City Hall, April 2008.It has been published in Vatnsmýri / 102 Reykjavik (Reykjvik: Skipulags- Og Byggingarsvið Re, 2008); pp. 186, 194, 204; ISBN-13: 9789979904021. Ciotat Studio wrote and delivered a lecture on the project at a symposium at the Bauhaus in Weimar, Germany, and that lecture was published as “Seam Urbanism” in In-Transit: Bauhaus in-between Local and International (Weimar: Verlag der Bauhaus-Universität, 2009); pp. 59-63.

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