Over, Under, & Through is a two-screen media provocation on the topic of public transportation in a car-centric metropolitan area, Charlotte, NC, with an underutilized rail network that slices through its landscape of cars in varying degrees of discreetness and obstruction. The left image surveys the speeds and scales of trains within the city. Most of the shots are several minutes long and appear, at times, to be stills. The right image meters the project with equally timed, 10-second images captured in environments from around the world that celebrate the train and other forms of public transportation. The right image loops every 20 minutes, creating an endless series of associations with the 147-minute looping image on the right. The juxtaposition is meant to spark debate on the trajectory of the city’s growth, and it is part of a larger installation, Public Time, a public art proposal conducted in collaboration with ceramicist Janet Williams, exhibited in the same gallery at the same time.

Specs: four-channel media installation, running time 147 minutes, exhibited at Projective Eye Gallery, Charlotte, NC, June 10-July 30, 2016.

Side-by-side videos as they appear in installation (sound from left image, as it was piped into gallery speakers):


Left video image, with sound as it was piped into gallery speakers:


Right video image, with sound as it was fed to headphones available below the monitor:


View of gallery screening of video, with additional pieces by Thomas Forget::


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