Monument Valley (Harvey Milk Plaza) is a collaboration between Ciotat Studio and Jonathan F. Bell for a 2001 open competition. The program is to re-imagine an existing public plaza as a memorial to Harvey Milk, a city supervisor who was assassinated (along with Mayor George Moscone) in 1978 by a fellow city supervisor. The site is significant, both symbolically and in an urban sense It is both the heart of the city's progressive and gay communities, from which Milk emerged in the 1970s, and a strategic transportation and commercial hub. The new Harvey Milk Plaza challenges conventional notions of monumentality. The late supervisor's legacy of inclusion demands a commemoration that transcends individual heroism and includes the collective heroism of urban communities. Unlike traditional urban monuments, like the ferry terminal and the flagpole (with rainbow banner) that currently form an axis of meaning along Market Street, the new Harvey Milk Plaza warrants a decentralized composition, one which creates multiple centers that blur the distinction between monument and city. The rainbow flag remains a focal point along the Market Street axis, but it now flies on a pole that is inscribed in a field, or valley, of poles. No single pole dominates the composition. More images and text coming soon.

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