Urban Chiasmus is the latest version of the Urban Exquis series that reinterprets the exquis as a chiasmus, or a reciprocity between the city and its imagery: images comprise fragments of the city, and the city comprises fragments of images. Three projections occupy the main space of First Street Green in a manner that activates the underlying geometries of the urban fabric that defines the space. One projection depicts urban figures; one projection depicts urban infrastructure; and one projection depicts urban surfaces. Each projection consists of irregular rhythms and varying compositions that accentuate the heterogeneity of the city. Hierarchies are misaligned, and duration is an overlapping phenomenon. The installation, like the city itself, is fragmentary, elusive, and frustrating, a field of juxtaposition and simultaneity.

fSpecs: ive-channel media installation, channels vary in length and loop continuously, exhibited in First Street Green, part of the New Museum’s 2013 IDEAS CITY Festival, New York, NY, May 4, 2013.

View of Installation:


View of Installation:


Screen Three: Urban Surfaces (composed emtirely of stills):

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